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What is cellulose pad?
Cellulose pads or cellulosic cooling pads are used in cooling systems to recycle water and create air conditioning in the greenhouse, poultry, and industrial and public places. Cellulose poultry pad and greenhouse cellulose pad are the most used pads. In the past, instead of cooler grass, rust was used. However, the cellulose pad has a higher quality and vaporization efficiency than shingles, and in the industry, honey pads are used instead of rust.

Air cooler cooling pad Types:

The cellulose pad manufacturer produces pads in different thicknesses. Pads are produced in two thicknesses of 10 or 15 cm. The height of the pads in size of 100, 120, 150, 180 and 200 cm can be built and the width of all pads is 60 cm.

Advantages of Cellulose Pad:

High cooling power compared to the spur system, longer life spans than the spatula system, high water absorption capacity, the inability to grow bacteria, fungus and algae, reduce temperature stress and increase production efficiency, washable and prevent clogging sediment, usable in Poultry and greenhouses

The sales price of the honeycomb cooling pad is presented below:

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Cellulose Pad 100*60*10

Product Code: 1300

Cellulose Pad 120*60*10

Product Code: 1301

Cellulose Pad 150*60*10

Product Code: 1302

Cellulose Pad 180*60*10

Product Code: 1303

Cellulose Pad 200*60*10

Product Code: 1304

Cellulose Pad 100*10*15

Product Code: 1309

Cellulose Pad 120*60*15

Product Code: 1308

Cellulose Pad 150*60*15

Product Code: 1306

Cellulose Pad 180*60*15

Product Code: 1307

Cellulose Pad 200*60*15

Product Code: 1305