Air Inlets

HOOYAR portfolio of air intakes and air inlets span over several different areas of use. Ventilation systems for offshore platforms, engine room ventilation intakes and intakes for gas turbines need protection from the worst offered by land and sea.

What is the Air Inlet for the Poultry? An inlet window for poultry houses, poultry and livestock feeds is an inlet that is one of the most used air shutters for ventilation of the inlet window for poultry around the world. The height of the inlet to the inlet of the inlet valve. This type of ventilation, also known as the negative pressure ventilation system, has become the most commonly used ventilation system in modern halls due to its inalienable advantages over the rest of the traditional way. The manufacturer of the Inlet valve standard in the dimensions of the inlet window.

Among the advantages of the inlet valve are:

Possibility of accurate control of the inflow of air and its circulation in the hall
Possibility of accurate temperature control based on controlling the ratio of air intake to the air in the hall
Possibility of accurate humidity control based on the control of the composition of air intake with air in the hall
Significantly increased productivity in broiler chickens
Decrease heating and electrical expenses of the hall
The possibility of air conditioning throughout the year
Reducing poultry diseases

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