Poultry Automation

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The system is designed to meet the needs of the farm, and modern control models contribute to optimum fuel economy, improve production and reduce labor costs and productivity. We believe that we deserve that the poultry industry is capable of the best quality and should return to the industry.
The maximum and minimum parameters of the salon are recorded
· Adjustable control parameters for all periods of growth curve
· Ability to automatically measure the weight of animals at three points in the hall
· 7-inch, colorful, touch screen with unique graphics
Ability to measure and control harmful gases (Temperature, Humidity,carbon dioxide)
· European temperature sensors, humidity sensors and negative pressure
Ethernet network and farm control of the management room
· Temperature, humidity and cooling control
· Send and receive two-way SMS system
Lighting control using the growth curve
· Input and output alerts
· Outdoor temperature measurement and smart effect in control
· European standards
· Precise control of air intake valves (inputs and curtains)
· One year warranty
· Ability to create conditions for minimum ventilation, transmission and tunnel
· Record and display table parameters from the beginning to the end of the course
· Negative pressure sensor connections for valve control

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