Rules and Regulations

Dear customer, please carefully consider the following for optimal use of the Pocketbook Shop.
Entering users on the Pocket Shop Online Store website and ordering an order at any time means accepting all the terms and conditions of the Online Shop of the Pocket Shop by the user.
Definition of customer or user:
The customer or user is referred to a person or company who, with the user's information entered in the registration form, makes an order to register or use any of the Pocket Shop Shop Services.
Privacy Policy:
The Pocket Shop Shop respects and protects the privacy of individuals using site services.
Day and Hour Shop Activity:
The Pulver Shop Shop operates every day from 9 am to 4 pm, with the exception of Thursdays and Fridays, but posting items varies according to the type of product that the customer chooses. This is an online store and sales are only possible with prior coordination.
Original Goods Guarantee:
Polty Shop guarantees that all goods sold on the site will comply exactly with the registered specifications. In case of inconsistency and mistake in sending or defective goods, the Pleistry Shop will take over the cost of returning the goods.
All shipping, insurance and customs costs are the responsibility of the customer, and this condition may be received by the customer before sending the ordered item. The value of the goods or goods ordered is calculated according to the site price list.
Transportation costs are calculated from Tehran city.
All of the Pocket Shop Shop contacts with customers will be by email: